Casino Tax Refunds – Done for a Flat Fee

Don’t let the IRS keep 30% of your winnings when you can put all or some of it back in your pocket. If you won money in the states chances are we at US Tax Services can get it back for you!

We can help you get your Casino Tax Refunds on gambling winnings tax from:

  • Slot machines
  • Game show wins
  • Tournaments (ie poker, blackjack etc)
  • Lottery wins
  • Keno

Unlike other companies that provide this service, we charge a flat fee instead of a percentage of the refund. We are only interested in charging you for the service we provide. We are not trying to share in your winnings like other service providers.

If you won in the past, you may still be eligible for a casino tax refund! A tax refund is not an automatic entitlement though. The IRS is refunding the tax withheld on Winnings based on your pass losses. Contact us and find out if you qualify for a casino tax refund, let us help you feel like a winner all over again. Don’t give into the Gambling Winnings Tax.

Act now and take a hold of your money! Let us help you free up your true gambling winnings by getting you your gambling tax refund. Don’t give into the IRS withholding tax.