Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) Application

We are “Certifying Acceptance Agents” for the IRS. We can make the process of getting an ITIN faster and more easily than you can with the IRS directly. Please contact us to discuss why you need the ITIN and to set up an appointment to review the documentation.

Who Needs to Complete this Form?

This form is for an individual who needs a US tax identification number, but is not eligible for a Social Security Number (“SSN”). Generally, you can get a SSN if you are a US citizen, lawful permanent resident (“green-card” holder), or have a valid work permit. If you are eligible for a SSN, you may not apply for a ITIN.

To obtain a SSN, follow the instructions are here:

There are many reasons you may need an ITIN. Here are some:
You rented out US real estate
You sold US real estate
You had gambling winnings
You are a spouse or dependents of someone who files a US tax return.
You receive royalties from a US payor.

In order to obtain an ITIN, you need to provide proof that it will be used for tax administration purposes:

If you are going to file a US tax return, then the application must be filed with the return. If you have a choice, this is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain an ITIN this way
If you need the ITIN for any other purpose, we will need you to provide the request for the number from the payor.


If you don’t have it, download free Adobe Acrobat reader .
Download form W-7 here.

This is a fill-in form (with Adobe Acrobat reader). Fill the form in and then print. If you are completing the form for someone who is incapable or deceased, please list yourself as the “delegate” in the “Sign here” section.

Please sign and date the form.

4. ATTACHMENTS Normally a Passport alone will suffice. If you do not have a passport we can discuss alternative forms of documentation.