Services for Businesses

Laurie Zon – CA, CPA (IL) provides a confidential private tax advisory resource for accountants, lawyers and their clients in Canada and the USA.

This value-added service augments existing professional relationships with a non-competitive resource focussed on tax related issues. For example, in litigation matters where cross-border taxes are at issue, our services may be retained to clarify a case and, if needed, to testify in support of a case.

US Tax Services offers full briefing seminars on US/Canada Cross Border tax related issues. These seminars cover a variety of topical subjects and are tailored to meet the specific needs of the audience.

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US Corporate Tax Compliance

With the introduction of e-commerce and NAFTA many Canadian companies are doing business in the United States. In fact it has become so seamless to the point that companies are not even recognizing that they are doing business in another country, the United States of America!

US Corporate Tax Planning

Whether you are a business already operating in the U.S. or are looking to start doing business in the U.S., it’s important to understand all the tax implications so you can strategically plan and manage your tax liability. We have extensive experience guiding small businesses entering the US business world.